What’s up with the name?

When trying to come up with a name for this new little foray into blogdom, my thoughts immediately went to an old friend named John. You see, I work with a small group of people and we are VERY close. So close that we have our own kind of language. John helped us to form that language because fairly often, he’d mix the meaning of certain words and phrases. Always good natured, John would smile and say something like “oh, you girls are much too much!” when we poked fun at him.

John battled with his weight as well. One day he’d order meatloaf “extra meat” for lunch. The next he’d come in with a big bowl of salad and spray dressing. Our personal favorite was his giant bowl of jello. When he was “game on”, he’d pat his belly and say “still losin’!”

John was our big brother and friend. He would dance around our office, dress up in ridiculous costumes on Halloween and drive us to meetings so that we didn’t have to walk in the rain. And he was taken from us before we could say a proper goodbye. John died after a  swift battle with cancer at the age of 52. Fifty-freaking-two. How crazy is that? It’s been a few years now since John left us. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about him, or mention him. So, I’ve named my blog “Still Losin” in an homage to my friend.

Naming this blog after something John said is a good reminder not to take myself too seriously. It’s okay to mess up… as long as you keep trying.

So, here goes nothing!

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