In between spilling my guts to the internet, I’ve been a busy bee. Last week, I met with my primary doctor to discuss the plan for surgery, get some bloodwork done and chat about post-operative life. I also chatted with my therapist about all of these changes that are about to happen to my body and mind. Both my primary care doctor and my therapist will have to write letters to my insurance company recommending surgery.

Yesterday, I left work at 11:30 and drove into Manhattan for appointments with Dr. Kurian & a registered dietician, Laurie Simon. Midtown Nutrition was at 57th & 7th (right by Carnegie Hall) and Dr. K just moved to a sweet new office on 5th Ave and 89th Street (close to the Guggenheim). On any normal day, a 1:30 appt at the RD and a 3:00 at Dr. K would have been absolutely properly scheduled. Of course, it was pouring out. It was raining cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs AND turtles. I thought I saw Noah’s Ark float by somewhere in my attempts to hail a cab.

First up, Laurie, RD: Since I’ve been through bariatric surgery before, most of what we discussed was a refresher course. There will be a two week liquids only diet before surgery. Absolute torture. To my friends/family, I apologize in advance for my terrible attitude. Post surgery includes a couple days of clear liquids, then a week or two of regular liquids, then a month of mushy foods, then a couple of weeks of soft solids and finally solid food. Don’t worry, if you’re not sick of me by then, I plan on writing all about it.

I said goodbye to Laurie, RD and attempted to hail a cab. Thanks to the monsoon, Uber surge pricing was rivaling New Year’s Eve after the ball drop. After walking in the rain for 15 mins, I finally got a cab and hightailed it uptown, arriving only 30 minutes late to my appointment. Thankfully, Dr. K and her staff are the world’s nicest people. I think her receptionist said something like “oh you’re barely late, stop apologizing!” Maybe she just felt bad because I looked like a drowned rat and I literally had to wring out my dress to get rid of some of the water.

After a quick check of my vitals, (110/70 blood pressure thank you very much!) Dr. K asked how I was feeling and if I had any more questions. Of course I did, and of course she answered them all. She asked where I was with all of the insurance stuff and when I told her that I was right on track, we walked over to her surgical coordinator. Guess what?!

I have a tentative date for surgery: Saturday, November 3rd!

I am over the moon about this all. Yes, plenty of this is going to suck. Surgery is a big deal and it’s a permanent change to my anatomy. Anesthesia is no joke when you’re obese. Recovery will be painful. Even with all of these scary things ahead, I am hopeful and excited for a second chance.

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