Last hurrah!

The two week liquid diet which precedes the operation begins next Saturday, October 20th. It feels strange to be meal planning for the week ahead. It’s not like I’ll never be able to eat food again, but it will be quite a while. This week, I’m going to drink some champagne, eat bread and have some Milk Duds. (What?! I’m essentially missing Halloween this year. Cut me some slack.) Those three things are majorly off limits after surgery. Carbonation and bread can cause your stomach to stretch and Milk Duds are just a waste of calories without any nutrients.

For a few years now, Pat and I have talked about doing a chef’s tasting dinner at Maroni. We thought we’d go to this place for a special occasion, like an anniversary, birthday or promotion, but it’s now or never. When I mentioned that we were thinking about going to some of our friends, they jumped on the bandwagon. Tomorrow night is the night. Then on Sunday, we’re taking a day trip to a brewery in Connecticut. That’s pretty much my last hurrah. Between work, appointments and chorale rehearsal, the rest of the week will be fairly typical.

Eating is such a social activity and it will be a bit of adjustment, as it was when I had my gastric band. I think that will be the most challenging part of the pre- and post- operative period. Pat and I often go to dinner with friends. I know how to successfully navigate a restaurant menu post-bariatric surgery, but during the recovery period, I’m keeping it off of the table. Terrible pun intended.

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If you’re a local friend and you’re reading this, one of the best ways to be supportive will be to make plans with me that don’t involve food. Ask me to the movies, invite me to a crafting class, come over for game night. You get the gist.

As an aside, I wanted to say “thanks” to everyone who has reached out with words of encouragement, love and support this past week. I am so lucky to have you all in my life. xo.


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