It’s a date!

Yesterday was my final appointment with Dr. Kurian before surgery. It is getting REAL.


Nervously waiting…

The night before the appointment, I got myself into a bit of a tizzy. Around 11pm, I started googling all of the possible complications of this surgery. Nothing good can come of traveling down the internet rabbit hole at night. I did not fall asleep until 3.

My appointment was in the afternoon, so I plugged away at work / drank a lot of coffee and then drove into the city. The nurse took my vitals including my weight. (I’m sure at some point down the road I’ll share this number but for now, I’m keeping it private.) I’ve lost weight since my first appointment this summer, but that could be clothing, water weight, or hormonal fluctuation. I’m going to count yesterday’s weight as my starting number.

Back to Dr. Kurian… I asked her if there was any way that I could be first case. Apparently the team prefers to warm up with an easy case. I am NOT an easy case. I have excess scar tissue from my lap band and a hiatal hernia which will have to be repaired. All in all, a “routine” sleeve surgery takes about an hour and twenty minutes. My surgery will clock in at over two hours. It’s okay though. I’d like THIS surgery to be my LAST surgery.

Pre-operative testing is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at NYU. There will be a battery of tests to ensure everything goes smoothly the day of surgery. Bloodwork, an EKG, probably a barium swallow / esophagram (barf). I’m working on guilting Pat into coming with me. Mostly for company. Partially because I don’t want to forget anything. He has a mind like steel trap.

We went over the pre-operative diet requirements and I was very pleased to learn that in addition to the protein shakes, I will be able to eat two cups of veggies a day. I am psyched. I love brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. I know that I can do this without the extra veggies, but it’s a pretty sweet surprise to have the option of having them. I start on Saturday, exactly two weeks until surgery. Tomorrow is my last day of eating solid food for a while. Wish me luck headed into this weekend. Again, I cannot be held responsible for any mean things I say while hungry. Veggies or not. Love you guys. Mean it.

PS: If you have questions / comments, definitely leave them in the comments of this post! Your questions often are the same as others.

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