Live from my couch!

Quick update: I had an appointment at Dr. Kurian’s office yesterday afternoon. My incisions look great, even though my stomach is still swollen and sore. I feel a little dizzy / easily worn out if I walk or stand for an extended amount of time but that’s totally normal.

The trip into the city was a bit rough just because it was a lot of car time. The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating for the commute into Manhattan and my mom isn’t used to driving in the city. When I got home, I just sprawled on the couch and put the heating pad over my abdomen. Beyond those little hiccups, I am feeling pretty good. Each day I am gaining strength and relying less on pain medication. Last night I slept right through the night without anything, even Tylenol!

I really miss going to work and am excited to go back on Tuesday. (Veterans’ Day is this Sunday, so the office is closed on Monday.) Work is work, but I miss the work ladies a lot.

As far as the food stuff goes, yesterday was my first day on thin liquids. I had two protein shakes. Basically anything that fits through a straw, I can have at this point. I stocked up a bunch of different soups at stop n shop. Since I still have to make sure I am getting 60 grams of protein, protein shakes will be my go-to until I learn to navigate this diet more comfortably. I bought two bariatric cookbooks on Amazon, so I’m looking forward to the suggestions in those books as well.

Okay, off to watch some more Netflix… have a great day everyone!

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