Dollar dollar bills y’all

Let’s talk money. Luckily, I have pretty sweet, traditional health insurance. I can’t remember exactly how much is deducted from each paycheck, but it’s somewhere around $100-$150 to cover Pat and me. Copays to see my primary are $30. Specialists are $65. The big hit comes when either of us are admitted to the hospital. That’s a $1,500 copay.

Over the past four months, I’ve seen my primary doctor 3x, Dr. Kurian 4x, my therapist (not covered $70), a registered dietician 1x, and Dr. Guigova, the hematologist, 1x. Sooo… $90 + $260 + $70 + $65 + $65. That’s $550 just in copays! Once you factor in NYC parking (you don’t even want to know), the protein shakes, and other fun stuff like vitamins and medication, you’re looking at another few hundred dollars before you’ve even been admitted to the hospital.

This endeavor that I find myself on has NOT been cheap. Again, I am very lucky to have good health insurance. I am lucky to have a job with paid time off. And I’m lucky that I am part of a dual income household and we can afford the insane expense of surgery. Merry Christmas to me? 😉

The one thing that I am peeved about has to do with Aflac. As you all know, my end game here is to become healthy and have really cute babies. Last year, when we thought it might be a possibility that I’d be spending some time on the maternity ward this year, Pat signed up for a hospital indemnity plan through Aflac. Any time either of us were admitted to the hospital, Aflac would give us $1,500. I’m not sure how much he’s paid into this benefit, but it wasn’t inexpensive. So instead of the maternity floor, I spent some time on the surgical acute floor. Since the copay for being admitted is $1,500, this whole thing seemed like a no brainer. Right?

Wrong. Today we received a letter in the mail denying the claim.

I’m annoyed because obesity is a disease and this surgery is a highly recommended treatment. By electing to have this surgery now, I will hopefully prevent a host of obesity related illnesses. Will we survive without the $1,500 from Aflac? Sure. Would it have been a HUGE help to cover some of these expenses? You bet. Oh well… life goes on and my new life is just beginning.

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