Dining out

I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season. It’s been really nice to spend time with friends and family, sleep in and watch a ton of Netflix.

Since so many people are home for the holidays, it’s meant eating at restaurants a bunch. I’m still navigating those waters with trepidation. It’s hard. Even if I know something would be a good choice, if it’s an entree, it’ll be waaaaay too much food. So I’ve been ordering appetizers. And even within that subsection, I’ve ordered a lot of lump crabmeat, or lobster. Actually the past three times I’ve gone out to dinner, that’s what I’ve ordered.

I kind of wish there was a way to engage in a social outing without food or drinks. I did have 3 ounces of wine at our annual Christmas party, but that has been it. Really, I don’t miss drinking. I wasn’t a big drinker before the surgery, so maybe that’s part of it. Anyway, yeah, it would be nice to be able to hang out without food or drinks. And of course, I’m totally okay going out for drinks and having water. It just seems like there has to be a better option!

I get it. It’s wintertime. It’s not like we can go out on the boat or go for a walk in the park. It’s COLD outside. The movies are cool, but you can’t catch up with an old friend there. Does anyone have any suggestions?

In non food/drink related news, I’ll weigh myself on the 3rd as the official monthly weigh in. I’d venture to guess I’m down somewhere around 40lbs, which would be right on target. I notice a big difference in my face but can’t really tell anywhere else. I think because to me, it’s gradual. To other people, the change is pretty evident. We shall see!

5 thoughts on “Dining out

  1. Ali says:

    You look great! Way to go! I just thought of two suggestions: (1) Maybe going to a yoga and or meditation class and having tea afterwards… (2) volunteering? :). Happy new year!

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  2. gkunasag says:

    Uh, hello — Craftjam! Or a pottery class (no sauce boats though).

    Not sure what the options are in LI, but I’ve been talking to a friend about joining classpass. I’ve more seriously been considering it after I heard they have ‘wellness spas’ offered — my fav kind of workout.


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