Three months in…

This past Monday, I had a three month follow up appointment at Dr. Kurian’s office. Her NP (Nurse Practitioner), Jessica basically handled this appointment.

I got to the office with a few minutes to spare. Since the actual month marker is this upcoming Sunday, I didn’t even look at the scale. When Jennifer told me that I have lost SIXTY pounds, I could not believe it. So much so that I asked her to double check her math. 🤣 Sure enough, it was true.

I still have to go for bloodwork, which I’ve scheduled for this upcoming Wednesday, but everything looks good. I’ve been pretty diligent about making sure I eat 60 grams of protein per day and I am taking the recommended vitamins. (Mostly out of fear of losing hair. Vanity is a blessing and a curse.)

Jennifer told me that I’m right on track. The weight loss will start to slow down, coming to a steady place somewhere around September.

One of the greatest differences between my foray with a lap band and this new life with VSG has been the way that I feel when I am full. With my band, it felt like a light pressure right below my breast bone. If I ate something that didn’t agree or didn’t process well, it became a more intense pressure, sometimes ending with the offending food coming back up. Now, I feel satiated, like a normal stomached person. It just happens with a heck of a lot less food. I don’t really get to the “ugh I feel sick” phase and I certainly haven’t thrown up.

I HAVE eaten food that hasn’t agreed with me… when that happens, I feel nauseated and / or have to make a swift trip to the ladies room (sorry TMI. I know!). It usually passes in 10-15 mins. I make a mental note to avoid the offending food / beverage. For example, ricotta cheese and I are taking part in a conscious uncoupling right now. (Please tell me you all got that joke.)

In completely full disclosure, I have not been perfect with eating only lean protein. Before the surgery, I was pretty judgmental about this. I think it was because I didn’t understand how much easier this new life would be. For example: With a band, there is not a chance you’d catch me eating a piece of French bread. It would cause physical pain and end in vomit. Now if I want a piece of bread, I’m going to eat it. It’ll be a really small piece, since I become full so fast. I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

It’s not an easy shift since I’ve been dieting since I was 5 years old. Good food, bad food, “cheating”… I have to remind myself that this isn’t a diet; it’s my life. And right now, it’s pretty sweet.

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