The other morning, I took a wide tooth comb to my head in the shower. As I was combing conditioner through my hair, I noticed more than the usual one or two strands left on the comb. I felt the slightest twinge of panic, followed by a quick mental run down of how much protein I’ve been taking in, followed by resignation. Maybe I’m just going to lose some hair. I’ve lost a ton of weight over the past few months. It’s a shock to my system. I’m going to be vigilant about protein intake and the vitamin regimen. If I continue to lose hair, I’ll talk to my primary doctor about it.

I also feel like I might be hitting my first major plateau. Clothing fits around the same as it did at the beginning of the month. This is all kind of par for the course around the 3-4 month mark, so I’m not getting myself too crazy about it. I know it won’t be permanent. I’m really proud of the success I’ve had over the past few months and completely happy with the decision to have VSG. That, and we are headed into Spring. I can’t wait to ride my new bike around the neighborhood. I’ll be able to increase my activity in a fun way. The few warm days that we’ve had have been glorious!

I also wanted to say you guys are AWESOME and gave me tons of ideas that had nothing to do with eating and drinking. Yesterday, I even went to a glass blowing class with my friend Giovanna! It’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I also signed up for a chunky blanket knitting class at the end of March, which should be really fun. Keep the ideas coming.



2 thoughts on “Standstill

  1. Eileen says:

    Meg I miss you! When was your surgery? How much have you lost?
    I am
    Planing on having it next month and I’m
    A little scared any advise?


    • Meg C. says:

      Hi Aunt Eileen! I miss you too! 😘 I’ve lost 65lbs! My surgery was on November 3rd. So far, so good! Don’t be scared. You’ll do really well. You’ve been through much harder surgeries!


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