Puppy Fever

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Pat and I adopted a puppy last week! Maisy is 25 lbs of pure love …with a dash of mischief. Does this relate to sleeve surgery? Is this just a ploy to spam you all with puppy pictures? Well, yes… but follow along!

Maisy Moo!

I have an exceptionally difficult time with self motivation when it comes to exercise. Thanks to Maisy and her pea sized bladder, I have walked more in this past week than I have all year. It was snowing and absolutely frigid last weekend. Maisy and I were out there. We are a more reliable duo than the postal service. Not only has she been great as a personal exercise motivator, Maisy has also been great for my mood. Sure, I’m super tired from the middle of the night backyard excursions. Training a puppy is HARD WORK. However, one little impossibly cute tail wag later, all is forgotten.

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