Get it girl!

Before I begin, has anyone watched Shrill on Hulu? I had NO CLUE that the morning after pill is only effective for women who weigh less than 175lbs! Guys, that is a pretty major piece of info that should be out there. Don’t you think?

Anyway! Let’s talk a little about self esteem. It’s been weighing (pun intended) on my mind lately. I never tied my self worth to my weight. I’m not sure if that’s because I grew up with this body or if my parents did a kick ass job raising me. Maybe a little bit of both. I am so much more than my outward appearance. Do I hate my fat arms? Ummm yes. Do I hate myself for my fat arms? HECK NO. I’m so much more than that. I have a strong moral compass; I’m dedicated to my friends and family; I am funny, smart and talented. If I DO say so myself.

Which brings me to Jameela Jamil’s instagram account, which I have been following for a bit now. I really feel like her account is a breath of fresh air on social media. It’s cool that the body positivity movement is happening. It’s even cooler that Jameela, a successful Hollywood actress, is leading the charge with her i_weigh account. I especially loved her conversation with Lizzo. If you have some time, watch it!

Finally, on the weight loss front, I’ve been doing pretty well. I am down somewhere around 70lbs and feeling great. It’s funny because I really don’t see the changes in my body. There are days when I feel totally ‘blah’ and days when I feel great. We are getting close to my next round of doctor appointments. Getting excited!

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