Hello from Old Forge, NY! I first fell in love with this magical part of the Adirondack Park in February 2008. Six years ago, Pat proposed to me while standing on a bridge over the Moose River. Five years ago, we were married in town and danced the night away alongside that same river.

I feel like this little town has become part of me. And it’s fitting that I’m able to mark milestones in my post sleeve surgery life here. This winter, a few months after surgery, we hiked to the Lock & Dam with our friends. This is an entry level 3 mile hike, but I’ve always needed to stop to catch my breath on the hilly parts. I was so proud to make it this winter without complaining (too much). Today we took our puppy Maisy up to the Lock & Dam. I didn’t stop once. I wasn’t out of breath even after running up the hills and I really enjoyed myself. Well, minus the insane amount of mosquitoes.

After dousing myself in anti-itch spray, we headed over to the lake. Last year, after renting, we purchased a stand up paddle-board. Of course, for me, it was more like a kneeling board or a sitting board. Well, not today! For the first time ever, I stood and paddled for a measurable amount of time. This is a major “non-scale victory” for me. I am really proud of myself for conquering my fear of falling. Losing weight has helped to feel more stable on the board. My body is stronger. I have a way to go, but I will get there and have fun doing it.

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