This and that…

I haven’t had much to report on the surgery front since a lot of the process hinges on insurance approval. We can’t even start that until after my next appointment with Dr. K.

The past few weeks have flown by.

My college roommate, Shaina, gave birth to a gorgeous, perfect, little girl named Winnie, so lots of time has been spent ooohing and ahhhing over her.

Little Miss Winnie & Me!

The new school year is in full swing. Open school night was last week and we also just wrapped up a Scholastic book fair.

I also joined my local Chorale a few weeks ago. I truly forgot how much I love singing and being challenged with new material. Chorale has brought joy to my life and been a real confidence boost for me. I look forward to Wednesday nights now. It’s a great way to get over the hump.

My brothers Patrick & Colin turned 30 and 28 last week. (They’re two years and a day apart.) Pat and I drove down to Baltimore after work on Friday to celebrate with Patrick, his girlfriend Emily and all of their friends. I miss them already!

Patrick’s 30 (+1) candles burning brightly

As far as my mental state goes: I am feeling anxious to get this show on the road. Plans are in the works for a schmancy dinner during the weekend of the 13th since the liquid diet starts on Saturday, the 20th.

I’ve basically stopped shopping for clothes since I have no idea what size I’ll be in a few months. I DID stock up on leggings and tunics, since they’re essentially pajamas masquerading as clothing. God bless Old Navy!

I’ll check in here and there but just know that all is well and I am excited to start the process! Thanks for the love and support everyone.

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