VSG yeah you know me

Hello from my couch! The past few days have been a pain killer induced haze so I’m going to do my best to document it but there will be some gaps!

I arrived at NYU Kimmel Pavilion at 6am on Saturday morning. Quick check in with admitting and I was led to the surgery prep area. The nurses checked my vitals and I met with the anesthesiologists. Dr. Kurian came in and we chatted a little while I signed consent for surgery and general anesthesia. The OR nurse came in and I remembered her from when my lap band was taken out! I said goodbye to Pat and my parents and walked to the OR.

They were playing some fun Motown music and as I drifted off to sleep I felt calm and in perfectly capable hands.

Surgery took a little over 3 hours. In addition to the actual VSG surgery I had a pretty large hiatal hernia which was repaired and some scar tissue remaining from the lap band. I woke up pretty groggy and was wheeled off to the recovery room. I do remember being in pain but I feel like it was taken care of quickly. Again, I was so out of it, I feel like the whole time was a blur.

Around 3 or 4 I was wheeled up to my room…. I wish I took more photos but here was the view:

The room was incredible. All rooms on my floor were private with a little area for the medical staff to prep meds and work on documentation before you walked through to the actual room. It was the most peaceful way to recover.

The nurses were all pretty great but my night nurse, Lauren was the best. She was young, around 26 and so we chatted about how she is also one of four kids, dating life, how she likes working the night shift, etc. Because I had slept most of the day I didn’t sleep very much at night. Plus they had to come in to check my vitals and give me medicine. Oh and somewhere around 3am the fire alarm went off bc someone tried to smoke on my floor!

Around 6 am, I wanted to try walking which didn’t go so well. I got about 15 feet away from my door and needed to turn around because I was dizzy. I went back to my room and sat in a chair instead of the bed. I also had to start the water drinking challenge. 16 oz of water over 4 hours. 1oz per 15 mins. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but it definitely WAS a challenge. The Nurse Practitioner came in to explain that really the reasoning behind this is two fold. They want to make sure all is well. They also want you to get used to drinking constantly so that you aren’t ever dehydrated.

Around 9, Lauren came in to say goodbye and wish me luck. After I finished the water challenge, I took a nap and watched some TV. I told the nursing staff that I wanted to be sure that I could walk independently before going home so I asked my new nurse Zorina, to make that a priority. By the afternoon, I was feeling infinitely better, definitely more stabile on my feet and less out of it.

Shaina came to visit with a beautiful bouquet of roses and about 20 mins after she arrived, so did Pat. By this time I was getting kind of antsy to go home. Discharging me took a while. Everyone wanted to make sure I was definitely ready to bust out of the hospital and knew what the rules were when I got home. We ended up leaving somewhere around 5pm.

Though my room and the care was pretty amazing, it feels really great to be home on my couch. Again thank you all for the well wishes! I’ll keep you all updated on my progress later on this week.

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